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Dil Khush Cafe will be closed for summer from

June 6th. - Sept. 7th. 2011

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 Lunch:- Monday - Saturday: 11 am to 2:30 pm

Dinner:- Friday & Saturday 5-8:30 pm; Sunday: CLOSED                                           


     Meal Plate            Rice Plate         Naan Plate          Wrap         Samosa Chaat


       Fresh Home Style  Indian Food Cafe

  Healthy, Tasty, Home Style & Light Cooking

 460 South Norfolk Street, Shoreview Shopping Center

San Mateo, CA 94401, Phone: 650-799-2715, *Free Parking*

Lunch:- Monday - Saturday: 11 am to 2:30 pm Dinner:- Friday & Saturday 5-8:30 pm;

                   Sunday: CLOSED           


Customers have been enjoying our home style ‘Ayurvedic’ cooking for over nine years. Our food aims to satisfy all seven senses of taste in order to curb cravings & live healthier lifestyle. Try our No Oil, MSG & Gluten free Easy to cook Masala /Rice/Lentil Mixes & Chutneys. Pick up Dil Khush spices & try out our healthy, low fat & freshly prepared ‘Ayurvedic’ style meals at our Café with your family & friends. We look forward to serving you often!

“Incorrect diet, medicine is of no use; correct diet, medicine is of no need.”

                                 ***We Serve HALAL MEAT***

TheDil Khush Menu Changes Daily
We truly believe ‘Variety is the Spice of Life’. Here is list of the entrees - Chicken Curry, Butter Chicken, Chicken Tikka Masala, Saag Chicken,  Channa Chicken, Lamb Keema, Fish, Saag Paneer, Aloo Saag, Channa Masala, Saag Channa etc. and many more.

Please refer to display board for daily prepared items.  

           ***Brown Rice Pullao Substitution Meal .50, Rice Plate 1.00***

            *Pick One entree with Combo #1 or #2 or #3*

#1 Meat/Vegetarian Meal                                                               6.50

Fresh Meat/Vegetable prepared in traditional Indian style, Rice Pullao, Dal (lentil or beans), Roti (Indian bread), Salad with Condiment (chutney or pickle)

#2 Meat/Vegetarian Rice Plate                                                   5.50-6.00

Fresh Meat/Vegetable prepared in traditional Indian style over Rice(appx.1lb)

#3 Stone ground Wheat TAVA Naan Special

Fresh Meat/Vegetable with 2 Stone ground Wheat Tava Naan                   6.50

#4 Burrito Wraps:- Chicken/Beef/Veg in wheat wrap, rice,channa masala etc. 7.00

Vegetarian Samosa ( Spicy potatoes with peas in a pastry )                    1.50

            Vegetarian Samosa with Chana Masala                                                              4.00

Spicy potatoes with peas in a pastry topped with garbanzos in curry sauce

Raita:-Yogurt sauce flavored with Indian spices                                             1.50

Roti (2) (Indian Bread)       1.00    Papdums   1.00       Wheat Tava Naan           1.00

Beverages:- Sodas,  Bottled Water   1.00, Masala Chai (Indian Tea) 2.25

Mango Lassi (Mango yogurt drink)                                                        2.00

Family Size – To Go (12 ounces)

Vegetarian Dish 5.50; Meat Dish 6.50; Dal (Lentil) 4.50; Rice 3.50

Chaat:-Bhel Puri, PaniPuri, SevPuri, DahiPuri, PapdiChaat,               4.00

DahiVada, Samosa Chaat, Vegetarian Cutlet Chaat, Dahi Batat Puri


      * Enjoy Chaat  Every Day Chaat Menu:


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